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Technical Management

Accredited to the highest industry standards, with a professionally-organized shore-based management team, we work closely with owners to achieve the common goal of quality operation. Timely monitoring and reporting is achieved through strict implementation of Quality Assurance procedures together with the incorporation of innovative marine software solutions as well as regular hands-on inspections. Our main goal is to ensure the vessels we manage are in a good condition and ready to operate anytime, anywhere – to the highest possible performance levels and at the most competitive cost levels.

We have a number of solutions when dealing with technical ship management. The motto we run on speaks of the need for the safety and improvement of our ships. This is attained by operating and maintaining vessels in a safe and efficient manner, this in turn maximizes customer satisfaction.

Underpinning our adeptness in offering technical ship management services is our team of highly skilled and dedicated superintendents. We monitor the vessel’s performance closely to ensure optimum operating efficiency. Further, ships under our care are inspected at regular intervals by the superintendent concerned to follow up on all aspects of shipboard operational matters and to maintain an active contact with the vessel.

More than allocating the best-suited superintendent to a ship, we take special interest to maintain a good superintendent / vessel allocation ratio to ensure vessels under his charge get prompt attention at all times. It is this commitment from Providence that assures every vessel's operating requirements are met and vessel operating condition is always at its peak working synergistically with our superintendents is our computerized AMOS Planned Maintenance System that allows for close monitoring and timely vessel maintenance. The sustained optimal vessel performance and cost savings that result demonstrates the quality of our technical management services.